The Difference that Counts.
A nut or a bolt has flats and corners. The corners are more easily damaged and do not offer the optimum grip for a tool.

In developing the Metrinch tool system Jozef Ruzicka had the aim to design sockets and spanners, which would not only have longer effective life, but would also ensure minimal damage to the fasteners on which they are used. The patented Metrinch Wall Drive profile drives only on the flats and not on the corners. 

The dimensions of Metrinch sockets and spanners have been precisely calculated, so that a single Metrinch tool will operate on both metric and inch series fasteners. For example, with a spanner 19mm it is possible not only to tighten or undo a
metric not or bolt, but also the inch bolts 3/4” AF, 3/8” BSW and 7/16” BSF. Even when such bolts have become worn, damaged or completely rounded by abrasion. A further major advantage in terms of application is that the Metrinch Wall Drive profile can be used on open-end spanners as well as on sockets and ring-spanners. Metrinch open-end spanners always provide a 4-point grip instead of the 2-point grip characterizing the traditional profile.

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Torque Loading
The Metrinch Wall Drive Profile was designed to provide a greater area of force application, compared with that applied by conventional tools. This profile, because of the buttress effect of its load bearing lugs, does not transmit the extreme peaks found when a tool with a wedge shaped profile is used. In distributing the torque load to the fastener trough the flats, the Metrinch tool does not only achieve greater force, but also lowers the possibility of distortion to the nut or bolt head.

Having a thin wall is an advantage in every socket. We can afford to provide such a wall, because with Metrinch spanners and sockets the force is absorbed where the wall has its greatest strength. Metrinch sockets are capable of exceeding the tightening torques specified in the DIN standard by 70 to 100%, depending on the socket size


Quality & Safety
The Metrinch Wall Drive profile is not the only feature we rely on. The steel our tools are made of, forms another important aspect. To achieve the best, it is imperative to use a steel alloy this being Chrome Vanadium 46CrV4, which provides a margin of safety, particularly in conditions involving extreme stresses. We also attach great value to product finish, all our tools are chrome-plated and polished. This is not just for visual reasons, but because it provides the most effective protection against rust, even in extreme conditions. We take the principles of on-the-job safety and accident prevention very seriously. The patented Metrinch Wall Drive profile has been precisely calculated to ensure a secure and even application of torque to the flats of a nut or bolt and not to the corners. In most instances the greater the force applied to a Metrinch tool the more positive the grip becomes thus minimising the risk of injury to an operator which may be caused through a socket or a spanner slipping off a fastener. Laboratory test results prove that torque loadings of 1.5 times greater than those possible with a conventional socket can be achieved using a Metrinch tool.

Quality Assurance and Guarantee

All Metrinch tools are forged from high quality Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel, and meet with the torque and hardness requirements necessary with the relevant international standards, DIN, U.S. Federal Specification and British Standard. Our factory has an exacting quality assurance program, monitored by a highly trained technical staff using the most up to date laboratory equipment. Constant inspections are made during the stages in the production process, and we make a 100% check of all components at the time of packing to make sure that our high standards are maintained. Metrinch tools are used all over the world, and carry an unconditional worldwide free replacement guarantee if for any reason a tool happens to fail.

MetrinchUrkundeAward winner

Discerning judges in Germany granted the Metrinch tool system the coveted award for innovation in design at Munich in 1991.




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