SmartSafe Diagnostic & Maintenance Tools for EV's

SmartSafe has launched a range of products aimed at troubleshooting electric vehicle failures. The product line includes equipment such as iSmartEV electric vehicle maintenance, rapid vehicle inspection and vehicle battery maintenance. With almost 14 million new electric vehicles registered globally in 2023, it seems like the trend is still going up. As a result, maintenance for electric cars is also becoming increasingly important.

No surprises when trading in an EV

The new Smartsafe range includes a number of innovative solutions. One such solution is the P01, which enables you to not only check the status of the battery pack, but also to diagnose potential faults in the rest of the vehicle’s system. The P01 is compatible with 95% of the electric vehicles to date and is continuously updated.

Repair an EV Battery

The first step is to correctly diagnose the problem using the P01. Once this step is complete, it is time to take action. Depending on the issue this can be done with the EB240 Battery Equaliser, EP260 Charge/Discharge Device, DP750 Power Supply or RT100 Insulation Tester. Once you have completed the previous steps, you can use the ET30 Air Tightness Tester to ensure that everything is sealed properly against corrosion and rust.

We supply this range of battery repair tools with the necessary training if requested.


Check here for additional information: Brochure or SmartSafe website